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Should You Cry?

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Beginning with Darwin in the 1700‘s, there have been many studies about the importance of emotional release. Throughout centuries men are shown as ego mastic, machines, warriors, and conquerors, looking to sweep a women off their feet (Gibson 2).   In today’s society this concept has been thrown out the window and it is now acceptable for women and men can show their emotions in public. Leaving some to ponder whether or not people should display these emotions publicly. There are a variety of reasons why you should, but the three most important are healthy being, feeling good, and means of communication.

In most countries crying is seen as taboo (Ben 2). Most people believe that a physically healthy body is all you need and forget about their mental health altogether. People need to link their emotional health and their physical well-being if they desire a full healthy life (Andrea 2). “Instead of radically splitting the two, emotional and physical self, we need to look at ourselves as an integrated whole.” says Dr. Suzanne Hatty.

Most psychotherapists and counsellors from nearly every school say emotional release is constructive (Poole Hospital NHS Trust 1). If people don’t release their emotions it will find an outlet, such as affecting the persons body and possibly

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creating problems, for instance stress and anxiety disorders (Poole Hospital NHS Trust, 1). Older boys tend   to have issues with aggression and violent behavior, which some researchers believe is rooted in depression and the inability to express themselves emotionally (Gibson 3). Crying is an important means of releasing physiological tensions. Without proper release people cant have mental stability and consequently not have a completely healthy body (Poole Hospital NHS Trust 1).

People know that cry is a natural and healthy response because most people report feeling relieved, more relaxed, and in a better mood after crying (Poole Hospital NHS Trust...


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