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Ironman, the California Reader Award Winner was one of the best books I have ever read in my life. Ironman is about a young adult named Bo Brewster who always wanted to be a Triathlete and become a true Ironman and he has a bad relationship with his father who owns a bike shop. Ever since Bo was young, he and his dad never got along, his dad would yell at him most of the time for nonsense reasons, and his mother would just stand there watching her child be yelled at. Bo’s life gets worse when he gets to high school, his teacher Mr. Redmond absolutely hates Bo ever since he quit the football team. Then during class one day, Mr. Redmond got so much on Bo’s nerve that he cursed Mr. Redmond off and that landed Bo in early sessions of anger management with Mr. Nak and the Juveniles that were landed in there too. As anger management begins, Bo thinks he does not belong there and that everyone else in there but him is stupid and are just plain crazy. However, as Bo goes to the meetings everyday before school he realizes the trouble these people have in there lives and that his dad is just a little problem considered to what the problems the other people in the group have. Bo also meets his love of his life, Shelly. Shelly is one of the members from the group who is very fit and strong and works out with Bo everyday. Towards the end of the meetings, they start going out and have so much fun together. In addition, as Bo trains for his ultimate triathlon one of the kids from the meetings found out that Bo’s dad helped the other team so Bo can lose the triathlon. As you can see, Bo has so many things to overcome before he goes through with the triathlon.

There are many reasons why I enjoy this book so much. First, there is not just one plot to this story there are many series of problems that lead to another and I like that in a story. In addition, this book shows the problems and situations young adults can be put in if their parents are not there for them or they...


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