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The Unattended Graveyard

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As the unfriendly, ice-cold wind travelled precipitously over the neglected heath, I made my first brave step towards the enormous entrance leading into the settlement of those abandoned souls.   While I continued at a steady pace towards the screeching, corroded gateway I felt the irregular and jagged rocks as they were slowing me from reaching up to the gate.   The closer I seemed to get towards the overpowering, fully grown gateway the darker the area became with the stealthily moving shadows.   When I looked up I saw a gigantic, frightening gate towering over me. I made an attempt to curiously look through the gate.   However by performing this I found that I could not see anything through it at all but just a pitch-black darkened area.   It was as if it was a magical and dimensional portal, which travelled me to something further then the zodiac.   Courageously I pulled the rusted gate open, which was scraping my soft skin, I found myself in a whole new unnatural world.   There were huge amounts of rotting gravestones in an extremely vast area contained in by gloomy, overpowering trees. Before entering the graveyard I noticed that there seemed to be no stars in the sky except for one, which seemed to be strongly battling and competing with the rest of the darkness in the sky.   I made my first movements inside the charmed graveyard I could smell nothing but the decaying flavour of rotten flesh and suffocating odour.   I then walked around browsing and searching for the specific something that I was searching for. I found that there seemed to be no living sounds except of the cooing of the owl and the desperate cries of the eagle.   I wondered around getting deeper and deeper into the vast graveyard I seemed to hear the howling of a hungry wolf urgently searching for its prey.   The thought crossed my mind to cowardly turn back and retreat from the bewitched colonization of lifeless souls the thought came back to about the whole reason for attending the place.



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