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To Be Ready or Not to Be Ready?: What a Stupid Question

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There is an old adage that claims it is better to be safe than sorry.   Most people living on planet Earth would agree.   The art of preparation is a skill every old person wants the youth of America to possess.   Business leaders want their employees to be better prepared.   Simple everyday people want to be ready for all kinds of disasters that life may have in store for them.   Someone who was trying to be wise once said, ¡°Dig the well before you are thirsty¡±.   This person was obviously relatively smart.   Preparation is an essential tool for making life a more positive experience.

First, success could come more easily if enough work was done beforehand.   For example, many students dislike final examinations for one reason:   the ¡°cramming¡± study method.   This method is ineffective, and makes students cranky and tired.   Relationships at all levels become strained, and everyone is unhappy with everyone else.   This situation can easily be avoided with one simple solution.   It is preparation.   If they had reviewed their notes and read their books periodically, then they would most likely retain all the necessary information to pass any final.

Second, preparation can make lives of thousands more pleasant.   Picture a red-brick building that is large enough for approximately 1,400 young adults.   Now, picture about 400 extra people.   Are there any problems that could rise from this high population density?   Perhaps, there would be difficulties shifting from room to room.   There could be issues with parking, and with that amount of people lunch time could be spent mostly in a line rather than eating.   This is everyday life for a student at Papillion LaVista High School; however, this would not be occurring if the citizens of the district had the foresight for the need of a new high school.   If they had passed the first bond issue that was proposed, then the lives of students, parents, and administrators would be more pleasant.   It is most unfortunate for...


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