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After seeing the film The Virgin Suicides, I found myself asking the question why.   While talking to other students about the film again came the question, why?   Why would these girls, with so much to look forward to, commit suicide?   This question, “why” is the central theme of the whole film.   Hearing many opinions on the film, I asked myself, what was the most disturbing aspect of this film?   Focusing on the subtly disturbing manner in which the film is told and again asking why.   I came to the conclusion that the most disturbing part of this film isn’t so much the girls committing suicide, but the fact that we don’t know why they do it.  

Like the boy’s across the street, we are not content with what happens, we feel cheated, like it’s all a horrible inside joke and we just don’t get the punch line.   The first time the boys go into the house, they look around as if they were in the house of a dead idol, like the smaller pieces of the girl’s lives are going to tell them something they haven’t yet considered.   The way they steal Cecilia’s diary and try to imagine what the girls were thinking.   The way they sit with the telescope pointed at the roof across the street, watching like confused children, which essentially is what they were.   These are some of the more obvious voyeuristic scenes, but there are so many more.   The film could almost be a beginners guide to stalking.  

All the boys were obsessed with the Lisbon girls.   They wanted to know what they were doing, where they were, who they were, and most of all, why.   The one time Lux let one of the boys get close enough to answer some of these questions, he momentarily looses interest and leaves her at the football field.   Which poses the question, were the boys fascinated with these girls because they were unique and interesting, or did they only want what they couldn’t have, the forbidden fruit.  

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