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Donating vs Selling Organs

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The lure and pursuit of money have, in many situations, proved to be the driving force behind many changes and manipulations made in society. Today even the purest of good-hearted actions can be tainted by the desire for money. Reporter Andrew Chung, in his article titled \"Who Owns Your Body\" shows us the unfortunate truth that the once considered selfless act of saving lives- donating organs, may now be suffering the same fate; and in considering the standpoints of ethicists, theists and the common man\'s common sense regarding the criminal and un-ethical problems this ordeal would burden society with, giving away our organs for money only proves to be a preposterous idea.

The act of donating organs is easily looked upon as a kind and very helpful act. When someone in need receives a person\'s body part or essential bodily fluid they\'re not only grateful but feel secure in the fact that it was donated out of someone\'s own will, who\'s only intention it was to help. Andrew Chung, in reference to blood studies, mentions that \"Blood from paid donors is statistically riskier than from the unpaid.\" There is no denying that these statistics would be the slightest bit false; money, of course, has much more of a stronghold over our actions than simple, good-hearted nature will ever have. Money catches the attention of both the healthy and the unhealthy, and unfortunately it\'s the feeble, unstable and the unhealthy who are more vulnerable to that attraction, which only results in wasted money on faulty organs. Donating organs is also viewed as a good act on the other, more austere side of the spectrum- religion. Moira McQueen, director of the Canadian Catholic Bio-ethics Institute, makes it clear that \"The Catholic faith, along with many other religions, views organ donations as a noble venture\". Donating organs is seen as a moral good, as it enforces the universal virtue of loving your neighbor. To love another human being (who in most cases is a complete...


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