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Sir Richard Artwright

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Sir Rachard Arkwright:

 Lived 1732-1792.

 He was born in the English seaport town of Preston in Landcashire.

 He was one of 7 children in his family.

 When he was ten, he became an apprentice at a barber’s shop.

 While he was there, he discovered a way of dying hair so it did not fade in wind and rain.

 He also made wigs, which he sold to near villages and towns.

 He often called on cotton weavers and watched them sow stuff.

 Although the weavers used cotton from side to side on a loom, Arkwright noticed that they wove in and out Irish linen from top to bottom.

 When Arkwright asked for a reason for why they sowed different ways, they said they could not spin cotton thread, which was fine or strong enough to be used for a rap.

 He began to wonder how to spin better.

 He came up with his spinning frame.

 He made his first machine with a watchmaker’s help.

 Two years later Arkwright made his first spinning mill.

 His machine made Landcashire the centre of the world’s cotton trade.

 Arkwright’s attemps to make spinning easier was not popular at first.

 In the early days of his work his wife smashed one of his modals because she thought it was a waste of time.

 When he became a rich man he was knighted, so he went a learn stuff he had not as a boy.

 He died when he was 60 years old.


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