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Under the Microscope

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I am currently sitting here in my confined yet adequate laboratory in which I have been present in for the last fifty-seven minutes or so.   It is one past sixty-two seconds in the morning and the lab is in complete and utter darkness with nothing more than a narrow but bright beam of light emerging from my machine which, through the years, has become a trustworthy and indispensable companion of mine.   You might be asking, what is this elderly man doing out of bed at the early hours of the morning? Why is he sitting in the dark in solitude? And what is that extraordinary contraption he is peering through? Many know me as the fellow who doesn’t like to be questioned too much, but on this particular occasion, I shall answer your inquiry.

I could not sleep.   I was lying in my bed upstairs perpetually shifting over to one side or the other and thinking.   For the past few months, I have been lying awake every night in the dark, pondering and worrying with my brain buzzing like an overwrought bee with confusion and puzzlement.   My son thinks I am suffering from a bad case of insomnia brought on by the worry and problems which we are both aware of.   He too is troubled by our situation but being one of the most optimistic persons I know, he comfortingly advised me to lessen my fret and have faith on the matter.   My son is very well known for having faith in things; I suppose he gets it from his mother, who is also eminent for her grace and good soul and, in my opinion (though she blushes when I admit it) is a perfect example to all women.   But in spite of my son’s words, I still got out of bed and quietly descended to my personal sanctuary which is this lab I can now be found in.   I decided that, perhaps the only way I could solve this problem is not to waste time suffering from this proposed case of insomnia but press on with trying to unravel and weigh out the pros and cons of the existing circumstances.   At least, it would stop me wearing out my mattress with...


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