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The Great Wall of Texas

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Every year the accumulation of Hispanic immigrant population grows in the southern region of our country. More than half of these immigrants are illegal and majority are Mexicans. A barricade on the Texas-Mexico border is a good idea, because they illegally cross the border, disrespect our country, and negatively affect our economy.

When our government finally began laying out rules to stop illegal immigration they filled our streets with signs and banners screaming “Viva la Mexico” waving their Mexican flag high and proud. If they are so proud to be Mexican then why are they here? Their disrespect towards our country is despicable; it has no correlation to wanting citizenship and really is not going to get them anywhere; by not abiding to the laws they show even more disrespect.  

Many don’t even take the time to learn our language, which poses an apparent problem.   Communication barriers are on the rise, as in the corporate world, immigrants who take the role of consumers cannot carry out a functional conversation with employees.   For example, in retail, a cashier will struggle with trying to help a customer, who fails to understand or speak English, without a doubt, the situation becomes a hassle.   Of course, it has been required for students and adults alike to take some courses in a foreign language, most stress learning Spanish since it now is the dominant language here in Texas.   However, there is a saying, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do,” it applies to this situation as well.   If Mexicans choose to illegally come through our borders, they should realize that it would be helpful for them to speak the customary language primarily used in business, schools, and the general community in order to get by.   If someone who was [as an example] French, moved to Germany, it would be essential for that person to learn German, why should an entire country have to learn French just for that person?   In another issue, it seems quite absurd that the...


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