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Racism: a Phenomenon Risen Through Opposite Opinions

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Racism is a social problem that has occurred many years ago and it has passed through many phases. The oldest and most harmful of all is slavery. As we see from the “The problem of slavery and persecution’ with the discovery of the New World, the institution of slavery grew to proportions greater than had been previously conceived. In 16th century Peru, to counter the inhuman system of slavery in the colonial economic systems finally introduced the great basic debate concerning the question of human rights. Important personalities such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Baptist pastor and Nobel laureate, who led the struggle for civil rights in the United States until his assassination in1968. Also in South Africa in the 1980s, Desmond Tutu, Anglican archbishop and Nobel laureate, exemplified a continuing Christian straggle for human wrights. (The problem of slavery and persecution 1)

Racism as a phenomenon has risen through opposite opinions and many times intense confrontation as far as blacks’ people social standing is concerned.   There are people who support the human right of everyone being the same. Many examples of how the black people have been treated through the years by whites have made the people, including me, support antiracism. I strongly believe that black people all over the world have the same rights because above all they are human. All black people must have the right to free expressions and equal treatment with white people. On the other hand there are some people who believe that black people are thought to represent a society of a lower rank than white.

As we read by Braham Peter, Rattansi Ali and Skellington Richard in Racism and Antiracism: People’s equality is an issue with during the years has concerned worldwide governments. Many lows came up in order to protect black peoples rights.For example during the 1980s the black population of Britain reached over two million people, of whom about half were born in this country: a...


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