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Mass Production at the 1920`S

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One of the main factors of USA Economic Boom in the 1920´s was mass production in   the car industry . It consisted on a a production line in which workers had to do a certain thing to the product, and then it was taken from that   worker   to another one so that everybody did their part, and at the end of the line the product was finished.Although it is not as perfect as shown by history, depending on the narrator the history would change.

    If a manager had explained the production line, it would have been a perfect   method of making products cheaper and faster, but for a worker, it was the perfect method   of making you lose your mental health.Why was there   such a difference between these two descriptions?   It´s just the point of view, and how he/she lives the production line.   As workers lived it every day, they knew the practical thing. One the other hand, managers only   knew the theoretical aspect because they were controlling all the steps, but did not know (or care) about workers, as long as they earned money.

  Workes hated the production line so much because thay had to do the same thing hour after hour, day after day, and they could not change it. Althought it was easier for them, as they learned the activity quickly, they often quitted or lose their mental health because doing the exact thing all the time was not good.

  Managers loved mass production so much because, as things were not as elaborated as before, they were all the same colour, size and model, they could be done together, and that made them cheaper. Besides, people could buy the products, so it was a circle: people needed things, workers elaborated them, people bought them and there was a greater demand so workers made them, and these workers were paid, so bought other things, and the same happened over and over again.

  As a conclusion, mass production was a way of reducing costs and time, but at the same time, a way of reducing worker´s mental...


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