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It's Not for the Government to Decide

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The decision to relocate one’s life to a far away or unknown place is most likely one of the most

important and life changing decisions a person can ever make.   Depending on where the move is

to can effect the person’s job opportunities, class of people that are socialized with, and ultimately

the quality of living either increasing or decreasing.   A decision this important is not an impulsive

one, it requires much thought as well as imput from others.   When a homeless person resolves to

move underground they choose to be down there.   If they did not want to relocate to the recesses

of the earth why else would they do it?   None of them were physically forced to move all of their

belongings underground and forcibly adapt to that new surroundings against their own wishes,

they wanted it and in effect they got precisely what was desired.   Their lives are their own and it is

up to no one but themselves whether they should move above ground again and since they have

chosen to live down there and they should be allowed to.   Therefore, it is not up to the

government to tell the homeless where they should have to live, if the Mole people wish to live six

layers beneath the surface then they should be allowed to.

        In The Mole People, by Jennifer Toth, the eighty’s are referred to as the “decade of the

tunnels” (Toth 14) because that is when the police found all of the homeless underground.   From

what the police saw down there they saw it all as not being fit for human living, but isn’t that the

case for some above ground as well?   There are locations through out the entire world that are

seen as unfit to live in, and in some cases, like in third world countries, the entire country is seen

in that way.   But is it up to government to tell these people that they have to move?   No, the

government has no...


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