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Hitlers Steps to Great Power

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Hitler’s aim was to become the head of Germany and have as much power and love from his people as he could. To get this he had to spend many long years doing work, campaigning and speaking with high dignitaries.

Hitler’s first step to hatred of the Jews was when he was injured during the Battle Of The Somme so he was put in hospital. When he got out, he was made to do light duty in Munich, Germany. He was amazed at the lack of concern and among German civilians. 'He blamed the Jews for a lot of this and saw them as people who would spread unrest.

In early, Hitler became the leader of the Nazi party and decided to use the swastika as the Nazi symbol. On July 29, 1921, Hitler was introduced as Führer of the Nazi Party.

By November 1923, the Nazis, with 55,000 followers, were the biggest and best party in Germany.

The Nazi Party demanded action of Hitler, Hitler knew he had to do something or lose his place as leader of his Party. Hitler and his party decided on a plan. The plan was to kidnap the leaders of the Bavarian government and force them at gunpoint to accept Hitler as their leader. On November 9th, 1923 Hitler and his Nazi’s marched into Munich and tried to take it over but they couldn’t. Hitler was charged with Treason and his penalty was to be jailed for five years. While in jail Hitler wrote a book called “My Struggle”.   Just before Christmas, 1924, Hitler was let out of jail after nine months.

In 1929, in The Great Depression Hitler knew that the people of Germany were desperate for a new leader who would promise food, he knew they would listen to him, so he decided to run for president. On the election – September the 14th, 1930 the Nazi’s got over eighteen percent of the votes, they got 107 seats in the third German Reichstag. In the president election on March the 13th, 1932 Hitler got 30 percent of the votes, while Hindenburg (President at the time) got 49 percent of the votes. Hitler finally...


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