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Being Eleven

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Yep!   If   you   are reading   this   you’ve   probably   already   conquered   the   tumultuous   eleventh   year of   your   life.   However,   if you   are   ancient   you   have   probably   forgotten   all   about   being   eleven,   so   here   are   the   advantages   and   disadvantages.

First   of   all,   there   are   many   advantages   of   being   eleven.   For   instance   my   parents   trust   me   more.   My   parents   let   me   stay   home   alone   instead   of   having   a   babysitter.   They   also let   me   go   to   movies without   them   leading   me   by   the   hand. My   parents don’t   act   so paranoid   about   me   staying   in   the   yard   to   play.   My next   positive   thing   about   being   eleven   is   I can   go more   places   with   my   friends.   For example, I don't have to go to the family skate, I can go to the friday night skate   with   my   friends.   My   parents   can   drop   us   off   at   the   front   of   the   movie   theater   and   we   can   pick   what   movie   to   watch.   I   can   also   go   to   the   mall   with   a   group   of   my   friends.   My   third   positive   reason is   I   can   choose   more   sports   or   activities.   For instance,   I   can   play   tackle football   instead   of touch   or   flag   football.   I   have   the   choice   to   play   girls   basketball   or softball.   I   can   also   go   to   the   school   dances.   My   final   advantage   is   I   have   more   privileges.   I   can   enter   better   web sites   such   as   www.bonus.com.   I   can   have   my   own   e-mail   address   instead   of   writing   mail   by   hand.   My   parents   let   me   stay   on   the   phone   longer.   I   can   stay   on   for   about   an   hour   instead   of   thirty   minutes.  

On the other hand, there are several disadvantages of being eleven. For example, I have more chores around the house. When I come home, I always have to do the dishes instead of playing. I also have to do the laundry at night on weekdays and weekends. I have to mow the lawn every time it grows. My next example is I have harsher punishments.   When   I   get in...


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  1. Well done!
    • Oct 14, 2010 - Evaluator: (Bagiya)
    • This Is really good. It actully confines how most people feel about turning 11 :)