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Avce Business Studies Description of Product

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The ‘Electronic Scarecrow’ is designed to rid gardens of pesky animals, which damage flowers or crops. It can deter animals from mice and cats to deer and other large animals. I have chosen to do this for my study because I have read many articles in The Mirror that say that people are fed up with animals eating their flowers and crops. So I decided to develop a scarecrow type device that will deter any intruding animal whilst also being aesthetically pleasing to the public.

I have decided that my company will develop custom scarecrows because not everybody would like a traditional scarecrow anyway so I decided it would be fun to produce a custom made scarecrow. The consumers can have it modelled on themselves a friend or even their own mother.

My service is one of a kind. Many companies make electronic scarecrows but they are just machines. My scarecrows will be like normal scarecrows but they shout out a message to the intruder and it may also be able to move its arms. This will scare off even the most macho of deer.

I think that this is a very profitable market as many farmers and keen gardeners always complain about animals destroying their crops or tearing up their flowers and lawns. My research into other markets have shown that when they produce the scarecrows they don’t always give the customer much choice in choosing what the product is going to look like or how the product will actually function. My aim is to give the customer exactly what they want and to provide a good service that will do well and be as successful as the market for gardening tools and items is.


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