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The Do’s and Don’ts of Job Interviews

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John walks into the office all nervous and worried about the job interview. He is late because of traffic so he runs into the office. Then while he’s there he doesn’t even greet the man that is interviewing him for the job. John asks the wrong questions and does the wrong things. John forgets his portfolio and all of his paperwork is a mess. At the end hoping to find out if he got the job or not the man say’s we will call you.   John waits but never receives a call. This is a classic case of job blunders. Avoiding these job blunders can help you avoid a very costly and embarrassing experience.

One of the most important blunders people make is arriving late. When you arrive late it shows that you are irresponsible and you weren’t that worried that much about the job. You should arrive early if anything. This way you can prepare yourself for the meeting. Also you should be prepared for the interview. You should have all off your papers and your resume handy. It shows that you are responsible and organized. You shouldn’t ask too many questions. Limit yourself to 3 to 5 questions during the interview. The questions shouldn’t pertain to pay of vacation time. Make sure you only talk when you are expected to. When you talk out of turn it makes you seem rude. At the end of your interview thank him for his time and hope for the best.

Your appearance counts in a job interview. Another blunder people make is how they are dressed. You should be wearing neat, tidy, and pressed clothes. If you are not wearing neat and tidy clothes it makes you look like a slob off the street. In addition to these have a good posture. Sit up strait and stand strait. When you don’t have a good posture it make you look lazy and sickly. You should also greet the man properly. Give the person a firm but not to firm handshake.

Job interviews can be a costly and embarrassing experience. Lateness, Not being well dressed, Not being prepared, and bad postures are the most common job...


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