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Ebola is a very interesting virus.   Besides being an extremely deadly virus it has many distinctive features.   One of which is a hemmoragic fever.   This fever is consisted of vomiting red and black vomit constantly.   The vomit also reeks of a very repulsive smell.   Bleeding from the orifices is a very distinctive sign of Ebola or one of its sisters also.   This bleeding will go on continually internally as well as through the orifices.  

The virus will get into the body and is unstoppable.   Once it’s in it will immediately start working its way through the host rapidly dissolving the internal organs as well as the skin from the inside.   As the virus travels towards the brain, personalities will fade and no facial expression will be visible on the hosts’ face.

These side effects will usually start about ten days after infection and after that you have about 6 days of pure misery (until your senses have gone numb) to live then you are most likely to die.   There have been several cases where people have survived an Ebola infection but it’s only a one out of ten chance that you will live.

There are four sisters of the same type.   Three of which are Ebola.   There is Ebola Reston, Ebola Zaire, Ebola Sudan, and Marburg.   All of these are very similar in symptoms but in many ways are different.   Take Ebola Reston for example, it can only effect monkeys; not humans.

The whereabouts of where Ebola and Marburg started is a mystery.   They are thought to have started some where in Africa, but no one is positive.


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