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The Process of Solving Specific Problems

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Each of us had a problem. A problem that needs an immediate answer, a problem caused by our relatives or friends, and a problem that was left unnoticed until the need arises. What we consider as problems may vary in degrees. Loss of an estate could be very burdensome to an affluent family, but to families in the working class, estates are not really problems because in the first place, they did not have any. However, no matter how we categorize and recognize problems, the bottom line is simple: it is still a problem in need of a solution.

But how do we really solve a problem? Specific problems that may have put our state of being unstable? Specific problems that made us feel life is difficult, complicated and miserable? The solution is up to us, for only we can solve our problems through our desired solutions. However, problems should be analyzed carefully. It should not be taken easily for granted for the consequences of our decisions and actions may sometimes be miserable and much more, irreversible.

First and foremost, we must think carefully and reflect what the cause of the problem was. We must reflect in ourselves with honesty so that we may clearly know the root of our burden. Lying, especially to our very own selves will only worsen the situation, and make things much more complicated; therefore making it more difficult to find appropriate solutions to our problems. Asking for pieces of advice from relatives and friends could also help if you were still not sure on what to do. Sometimes we need to seek help from the people around us to broaden our minds. We are aware that it is our human nature to rely on relatives and friends whenever we encounter problems. We believe that they can bring a sense of enlightenment and they can help us in reflecting on the problem very well.

Having analyzed the problem, we must now think of the possible solutions. These solutions will help us make everything back into order, making...


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