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Interracial Marriage and Friendship

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According to researchers, the number of mixed-race couples or interracial marriages in today society are rapidly increasing. For centuries, racism was a strong issue in the United States, but segregation still remains deep in some other countries. Many people opine that Interracial relationship is one the most important thing that ever happened in today society. On the other hand, many individuals from the previous generation believe that Interracial relationships with other races should not be legal. many of the new generation in the united are starting to feel more compatible with other races. It has nothing to do with the color of someone’s skin anymore, or that person income level. It is all about the love and the connection that they have in common. Other just think that white people or other races date or marry someone who belongs to a different race because they want to show them that they are not racist, that is not always true. Diversity in school and in other places really helps adults and children to become more knowledgeable about other races.


Interracial Marriage and Freindship

The author of the Race and America: Rise in interracial marriages reflect a revolution in attitudes stated that “ Mixed-race marriages in the United States now number 1.5 million and are roughly doubling each decade” ( Kristof, 2003, [ p 1] ). The main reason that interracial marriages and interracial relationship are increasing is that the new generation people become more knowledgeable about all different races. The statement that Kristof made was real because it was so hard to find interracial couples back in the 1960’s than today‘s generation. It is also a welcome sign of desegregation and a good sign to eliminate segregation, the problem that really impacts many people...


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