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Starting with Shakespeare – Continued Till Now

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There are many reasons why William Shakespeare is considered as the best poet and dramatist in English literature. His terrific understanding of human being made him able to discover universal qualities of human nature. Using them in order to create fabulous characters of both Good and Evil side, sometimes successful and happy, sometimes in great despair and depression; suffering from life, makes his writings and plays superb. He had a great knowledge of different subjects such as: Music, Law, Art, the Bible, Politics, History, etc. This could be evidence on his absolute knowledge with both western culture and literature. This makes his plays enormous and unrivaled.

Shakespeare writings and plays are still part of our life. The human nature is not changed that much. Therefore you could find many situations that are related to his plays. Maybe Hamlet and Macbeth are the most obvious ones.

Macbeth is one of Shakespeare’s most well known works. It is a tragedy by the simple fact that the main character goes insane and dies at the end. It is a fascinating play. The concepts depicted could be exemplified in some societies in other form; Coup D’état. Yet we still find it interesting because it took the classic “Good vs. Evil” battle to a new level and it reflects man’s thirst for power. Macbeth was driven insane by the witches’ prophecy about his becoming of king to such an extent that he abandoned all that he held dear to fulfill his twisted destiny. These kinds of situations also happen today with people committing treason or murder in order to gain a position of power. With Macbeth, Shakespeare manages to allow people to see how ruthless they can become to be in command. This is still relevant today.

Macbeth gives both the entertainment of modern day movies and an insight into our blind, everlasting struggle for power. Such classics are worthy of the title “an everlasting classic”.


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