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Russian Revolution

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The Russian revolution was caused by many issues including the devastating losses in World War I, social class issues, a backward and agricultural economy and autocracy.

A main problem causing the Russian revolution was that the leader of Russia, Tsar Nicholas II.

Tsar’s beliefs and unwillingness to become Tsar started the Russian revolution.

The Tsar believed he was appointed by God and he could do as he pleased and didn’t consult anybody. He also was opposed to the westernization of Russian which left Russia

Many disliked the Tsar and because there was no parliament to represent their views, it was difficult to get their voices heard.

This resulted in many strikes, riots, demonstrations and protests which were stopped by the soldiers, often the feared Cossacks.

Only 5% of the Russian population was aristocracy or nobles, leaving the rest peasants and workers.

These peasants and workers in the city lived in terrible conditions; they lived in filth, famine and worked 12 to 15 hours a day.

The tsar soon announced a war against Japan, in result the prices rose, caused shortages in food and other supply’s. This resulted in factories closing and leaving people unemployed and starving.

After the war in 1905 against Japan, Russia was left starving due to food shortages, freezing due to coal shortages, exhausted from the war effort and humiliated by the defeat.

Bloody Sunday, a memorable event in Russian history where Tsar Nicholas II ordered for the peasants, who were protesting outside the winter palace for free speech and the right to vote, to be fired against. It is unknown how many people died on the 22nd of January, 1905.

At the end of January, more than 400,000 workers were on strike, the government had barely any control over the strikes, demonstrations, etc.

The Tsar knew that communism would arise so he abdicated and issued the October...


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