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The British Military

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British Military during Revolutionary War

The British army During the Revolutionary war suffered from a number of weaknesses, they had a small army, no workable recruitment system, and the lack of an organized supply system (Christian). Still they were the greatest army during that time period. The British Empire had the largest Navy, Allies, and Economy. The British Military was recovering form the 7 year war, so money played a factor in the war.

Howe William was the British General during the American Revolution from July 1775 to May 1778.   He was King George I illegitimate child and had a military career before being the General of British Army (Edward). He replaced Gen. Thomas Gage. Howe defeated George Washington, and occupied New York City. He met Washington in four major battles in 14 months, and won 2 of them. In 1778 Howe was replaced by Sir Henry Clinton. From there the British Headquarters was moved from Philadelphia to New York. The British Captured Charlestown in 1780.   During the American Revolution, Britain had five Generals. One of the Main reasons they failed were because they learned how to fight War on the plains of Eastern Europe, rather than those of the Americas.

The British Military had a well trained and successful army. They had a large and unmatched Navy. And huge population of People ready to serve their Country. Thou the British Empire was one of the best in the world, they were in great dept. Before the American Revolution, The French and Indian War, also named as the 7 year war, did a huge total on the British Supplies, and economic money. The common soldier wear a red coat, which was distributed by the government, and strict dress codes was maintained. The British military had used Cannons during the war, which gave them more advantage over the Colonists. The British Army consisted of about 400 soldiers, divided into 10 companies of 38 privates each. The war also caused many hardships for the British...


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