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Aging is a fundamental aspect of Human development. According to Stedman’s medical dictionary, it is the gradual change in the structure of a mature organism that occurs normally over time and increases the probability of death (Stedman, 2008). However, it has become a topic of global concern whether or not to introduce anti-aging technology into the society; an issue that has drawn attention to many professionals in the field.

Chris Hacker, a professor of medical humanities, argues that there are lots of disadvantages in introducing anti-aging medicine into our society. He based his assertion on the fact that extending or prolonging one’s life would have a negative effect on the society. He also argued that if anti-aging techniques were permitted, the country would become overpopulated. Even, the inconsistency in experimenting with human beings is considered a waste of time and money (Pearl, 2008). He sited a scenario in his article, saying, “If there was a calorie restriction required to prevent aging, how well could the government monitor or enforce this rule in order to implement it?” With this issue raised, Chris Hacker maintained that it will be unwise to double the lifespan of humans. Ronald Klatz, on the other hand sees nothing but optimism in the anti-aging technology, he views this argument from a different perspective – ‘The medical perspective’. Being a medical doctor himself, he believes that anti-aging medicine will not only increase the lifespan of an individual but also improve the overall health and wellness of that individual.  

Discoveries and advances in technology has caused professionals such as medical doctors, scientists and engineers to invent and create techniques that will “make life easier”, but a question to ask is, “Is this technique optimal in all aspect, especially in aspects as crucial as aging?   I would say no. Chris Hacker gave a more detailed analysis in his article, on why anti-aging medicine should be...


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