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Is Neighborhood Change Possible ?

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Is neighborhood change really possible while those whom are most responsible for the need to change remain inner woven deep within the very fabric of our noted communities? Or is the only way to truly reform and revitalize a dilapidated area is to first systematically evict its inhabitants and start all over again? First let us remember that a neighborhood is not defined by its construction, but by the people whom live there, and most people that reside in these so-called down trodden areas desire to live as most of us do, which is secure, peaceful and self sustaining. So who are the unnamed responsible ones that are tainting the aforementioned fabric of our communities , some would refer to these people as predators and some call them opportunists but no matter the title they fall under , the main goal of these individuals is to get over , get the money then get out . Allow me to explain in three steps how this much practiced socioeconomic pattern of neighborhood destruction plays itself out daily in American cities. First there is the label of \"ghetto\" applied to the area, which now allow certain destructive entities to become the expected \"norm\" of these areas, such as gangs, drugs, liquor stores, dirty streets and racial division. Second there is the \"acceptance\" of the aforementioned title by those living in this area , which causes some to move out , yet causes others to embrace and live out what they are now being called \"ghetto\" which implies a lack of education , generational welfare recipients and consumers of all others , i.e. the liquor stores , hair stores , high interest check cashing shops and that local corner store with it\'s inflated prices on everyday low cost consumer products such as soap and toilet paper , and all these opportunists do is create a one way economic funnel that siphons and continually , monetarily malnourish the community until it\'s inhabitants begin to feed upon themselves for survival , which brings us to the third...


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