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The Distinction Between Normal and Extreme

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The article, “What is a normal diet? Consumers and food industry pundits have it all backwards.”, by Mike Adams discusses one of the most common fallacies around societies about the meaning of normal and extreme in terms of diet. Mike\'s purpose in writing this article is to inform the readers what a healthy diet includes and then convince them to change their diet into healthy one. The issues discussed in the article are diet, food, ingredient and so on are associated with health. Thus the issues put the article in a crucial position. The author tries to clarify that common fallacy. Besides his ideas, some other people’s ideas are mentioned such as suggestions that people can eat a little amount of all kinds of foods including beneficial and even destructive ones in terms of a healthy diet, although the issue is the health. Regarding the issues related to food, health and diet, Mike\'s main argument is “What is normal and what is extreme in terms of diet?” He tries to make the subject clear through making connections between the terms related to diet and real life and focusing on examples of people\'s misperceptions of the meaning of normal and extreme. In addition to that, he supports his main argument with definitions which is true and which is false and gives examples of common issues from medical treatment related to people’s health to clarify the sources of misperceptions. In general, the ideas of common misperception of the meaning of normal and extreme are well-argued by giving lots of examples, but some attempts to make connections between the main argument and medical treatment are weak because it can be questioned according to logical principals. The examples from the food industry are well-chosen. Meanwhile, the evaluation of diets is not agreeable because he makes a controversial inference.

Mike Adams starts his article with an experience that underlies the main argument. The experience presents a disagreement between the author and a...


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