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If You Have Time, Read About It...

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We all have heard, read, thought and said about \"Time\" many times in our life.   Time is a lovely word, a work of a genius who ever invented it or discovered it.   Time is the one thing that makes or breaks anything in anybody\'s life.   When we were conceived, when we were born, when we get up, when we go to sleep, when we work, when we die, when you fall (or rise) in love, when you write your exam, when you buy a house, when you go back from work, when will I stop writing about this and so on.

Time is abstract, but as a concept is physical.   The end of time is said to be metaphysical or the start of spirituality.   The speed of light is considered the fastest possible by any physical matter.   Time being a component to calculate speed.   When anything attains the speed of light, science says, it will cease to be bound by time.   However, contradictingly we say light travels from the Sun to the Earth in about 8 minutes.   The stars we see other than the Sun are multiple times farther away from the Earth than the Sun.   Normally, we call them to be light years away from the Earth.   Here, distance is being referred using speed of light and relating it to our calendar year of 365 1/4 days.   One light year means, light takes 365 1/4 days to reach from the source to a point of reference.   Most stars are hundreds of light years away from the Earth.  

The funny thing that people normally may not have thought about is that: When we see a star today and if it is 40 light years away, then the ray of light from the star that we are seeing right now originated years before we were even born!!!   Have you ever thought about this?   So we can see the past.   The beauty of looking at the night sky is that, we are looking at so many stars together, when the light ray from each originated at different points of time (5 years, 10 years, 100 years, even a million years).

So, we can actually look at the state of different objects/stars from...


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