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It is the Second World War, and a boy named Jesper is in jail, captured by the Germans. As Jesper waits in jail, he looks back to his adventures in the resistance up to this point he was captured. Jesper goes on sabotage missions when he joins the resistance, falls in love with a girl named Janicke, gets shot at by Germans, and gets captured several times by soldiers, and manages to escape every times. The story takes place in and around the Danish capital of Copenhagen, during the Second World War (1939 to 1945). Jesper is Christian and he is helping Denmark fight off the German invasion. He is tall, with and blonde hair. He is skinny and not very strong for his age, but he is brave, and he doesn’t give up very easily. He is also caring, and he deeply cares about the people he loves.

In the novel ‘Jesper’, Jesper shows that he is very daring. He shows that he is daring because before he even joined the resistance, he was sabotaging German trucks with his friend Stefan. That proves that he is daring, because no normal kid would sabotage heavily armed German trucks for fun. An additional point that proves that Jesper was daring is that he wanted to steal a German’s gun so they could get more guns to pull of real raids. That verifies that Jesper is daring because the chance of getting shot while trying to steal an armed soldier’s gun is very high and you would have to be either really daring, or really stupid to try to do that. Lastly, the final point that confirms that Jesper is very daring is that he went on dangerous resistance missions very regularly,, and nearly gets killed every time. That shows Jesper is daring, because he knows that the missions are dangerous, but he has to do them to get information for the underground newspaper. Jesper shows many signs of daringness during the novel, and has plenty of facts to prove it.

During the story, Jesper demonstrates that he is very trustworthy. The first reason Jesper is trustworthy is because...


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