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Stop the Fire

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I knew very well, there was blood everywhere on the floor and after sometime a sweeper came and wiped out the blood. This is his job. Why there was blood? The poor human being, whose blood was there, was going to his mother. His mother was 81 and his mother was on her death bed looking for her darling little one with awaiting eyes. She was happy because her son was coming. His name was Kashif. He was coming after an extensive period of time. There was going to happen a very out of the ordinary thing on the day he was coming from New York.

It was a pleasant day and everything was alright. Workers went to the factory, labors were looking for job, students were going to schools, and every person was going to his job. It was a usual day of work for everyone. Kashif’s elder brother Kaleem arranged a good meal for him and went to airport to receive him with his 17 years old son Fahad. They reached to the airport hurriedly and waited for 10 minutes and then they saw Kashif coming out of the exit door of the airport. It was doubtful to recognize each other but Kashif recognized his elder brother and hugged them both energetically.

Kashif wants to meet the mother swiftly. He just putted a step foreword and there was a blast. It was the last day of both brothers and the poor little chap. They died on the spot. There were dead bodies everywhere, many people were injured, some people had serious condition. Some were dying, the situation was extremely serious. A quarter past later fire fighter and police arrived there. Fire fighter controlled the fire and then police tried to find the clues.

Kashif’s mother died, when she heard the news of the death of her single children and single grandson. Kashif’s wife was in New York. She had relationship with other man. Because she didn’t have any child so she married him. On the other hand there was Kaleem’s wife. She went mad, when she heard the news of her husband and child’s death. A long period of time...


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