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The Male Psyche and Porn

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When the male human reacts to hard porn scenes with arousal – the significance of the specific scenes activates arousal due to certain personal experiences/impulses which are projected onto the dominated female on the screen/page.

The main emotions powering the intense arousal (when there is such) of the authentic sexual acts and the pornographic representations are anxiety and pain.

These are ‘let out’, without being felt as such, through rituals which concern domination, submission, control over life generally, and control/loss of control of specific bodily functions - using for arousal (or disguising by arousal) the energy of the oral stage and toilet training traumas; the anxiety and pain of various other inner conflicts/specific events in the past; and their more sophisticated derivates like disgust, shame, humiliation, etc.

Through use of porn the male is enabled to savor the suffering of a weak loser – ‘woman’ – which is placed in such position by the very structure of patriarchal civilization, and the male uses its privilege to achieve arousal and ejaculation, evades experiencing its own masochistic impulses, its own desire to be ‘punished’ or ‘fucked’ - it evades its feelings, thoughts and memories, which do not correspond to its idealized version of itself.

The specific real time sex or porn scenario influences corresponding types of psyches, in which the traumas being utilized for arousal are the most prominent in the structuring of the character. In the beginning of this chapter we asked some questions concerning the impulses which we can now call BDSM and BF: Are they inherent? Are they inherited? Are they contagious? Are they ‘good’? Are they ‘evil’? Do they allow to maintain some sort of sanity? Or are they forms of insanity themselves? Now we can answer these questions – apart from ‘are they inherited’ the answer to every other one is a firm ‘yes’.

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