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My Byzantine Adventure

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The Byzantine Empire a place with beautiful jewelry imported from Africa, a magnificent icons. That is where I am going on my field trip. I live in Jerusalem and my 12th class is going Constantinople to see some of the icons even though I strongly believe in not to use icons that is why I am in the Roman Catholic Church because we believe in not using icons. In addition, when we get there I want to meet Justinian and read his Code. We are finally there and it is beautiful there are Bronze Dome Churches and the most beautiful church of all the Hagia Sophia. My classmates and I went inside and we saw a mosaic of Theodora and Justinian embedded with jewelry on their heads. As my group was going into the Museum, I ran off to get the full experience of Constantinople.   While I was walking on the road, I saw a map of the Golden Horn and it looked exactly like a horn.   The man fell down one of the arrows had struck through his heart. Blood started oozing out of his chest and a saw some people laughing at the dead man I felt pity for the man, I mean if he never told the gold he would not be dead right now.   I turned around to see and anybody would come and pick up the body before it started to stink, but no body came it seams that once you died nobody would come and pick up your body. That’s no how we did it back in Jerusalem if somebody died a grave person would come and throw the body in a cart and throw it in a ditch. As I was walking away from the body, I saw a beach so I started walking on the sand. I liked the feeling of the sand between my toes while I was walk on the beautiful luxurious beach.   Then suddenly an arrow stuck near me I turned around and saw the wall of Constantinople being attack by The Turks and it looked like The Turks were wining. To get away I started running towards the museum, and while I was going, I saw King Justinian putting on his armor. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, there was golden pieces embedded on the breastplate...


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