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Queen Elizabeth I

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      Do you know who Queen Elizabeth I was? Well she was a daughter, and a ruler. She was loved and hated by her country and her family. She was a queen in England. Elizabeth was a dedicated ruler for over 44 years and lived an interesting life.

      Queen Elizabeth I was born in Greenwich, England on September 7, 1553. She died in Greenwich, England on November 17,1623. She had a brother and a sister their names were Edward and Mary. Elizabeth's father died when she was six years old, and her mother was killed shortly after Elizabeth turned three years old. Elizabeth came to the throne after her sister Mary died.

      Queen Elizabeth was short about 5'3 or 5'5 inches tall, with brown eyes, and red curly hair. She came to the throne when she was 25 years old, and ruled over 44 years. Dedicated to her position as ruler Elizabeth fought off many rivals, such as Mary queen of Scots. Elizabeth inherited a bankrupt nation. Queen Elizabeth never married. One theory was she never married because of the way her father had treated his wives.

      If Queen Elizabeth I was never alive it would not be the same today. She changed the world in many ways. First she was one of the best monarchs that lived back then. She also changed her countries beliefs, values, society, geography,economy, knowledge, and time. Queen Elizabeth I had done a lot of things for her country, and her people.

        So do you know a little bit more about Queen Elizabeth I than you did before you read this? Well you know more now. As you read you can tell that Queen Elizabeth I was a great ruler for her people. She inherited a bankrupt nation and turned it around, she was an inspiration for her people and still is today. She was a ruler for over 44 years and never quit.    


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