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The Americanization of Canada

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Interdependency among countries around the world results in relationships where some countries have risen to a place of great influence and position of power over other weaker states.   The United States of America is an example of one country that is powerful in comparison to its neighbour to the north, Canada which is, in some regards, perceived as a weaker country.   When compared to the United States, Canada has a substantially smaller population, an almost nonexistent military and less economic worth, so the reasons why Canada has become more and more like its neighbour are evident.  

This process of one country being influenced by America is called “Americanization.”   Americanization covers many topics, the originating definition of Americanization referred to “. . . the assimilation of our alien population [immigrants to America] . . . ”; this definition has however, evolved over the years to include whole countries, not just individual immigrants (Rider 110).   Different aspects of Canada, including political culture, have been influenced by America.   A part of political culture encompasses political socialization, that is, the handing down of knowledge pertaining to political institutions and how they are run.   Political culture is not limited to that though, it also includes topics regarding mores, “legitimacy, tradition, constitutional norms and basic national values” (487 Pye).   In some way, these five topics can all be related directly to Canadian political culture, and they are all influenced by America, in one way or another.   Through the observation and comparison of Canadian and American laws and traditions, media,   national values and mores, it becomes evident that the political culture of Canada is in fact becoming, to a degree, Americanized.  

One form of Canadian political culture, which has become influenced by America is its laws and traditions.   Because of Canada’s close geographical proximity to the United States,...


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