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The Belief on Superstition

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The Belief on Superstition, whether good or bad


        Superstitious beliefs have always being in the minds of some people. There is so many of them which is being divided into parts or categories of good, bad or neither. Some of these superstitions may have originated from ones place, town or community while other has wandered from foreign land and adopted without thinking or asking questions about such superstition and its beliefs. However, one thing is clear, that superstition do have quite significant power over us. I don’t think superstition beliefs must be rooted out and destroyed in order for a society to advance. However, I accept as true that superstition belief in a society is either good or bad.


Judd Marmor defined superstition as   “beliefs or practice groundless in themselves and inconsistent with the degree of enlightenment reached by the community to which one belongs (qtd. from Kaminski, 19). Superstition as defined by Macmillan school dictionary is a belief that things such as magic or luck have power to affect one’s life. The word superstition is used in disapproval or criticism by different beliefs of others, particularly that irrational belief that future events can be influenced or foretold by scientific, unrelated behaviours or occurrences.

To me the word superstition is not harmful or good, because superstition has its own good side and the horrible side. To use an example to explain the good side of superstition:- Peter a   neighbour of mine who graduated four years ago and was in search of a job but was not opportune to have one and he was a person that believed in superstition . After some months ago he meet me and told me that a bird dropping fall on his head while he was jogging in the morning and according to his culture when a bird dropping falls on one’s head, that person will have good luck. Believe or not that very month Peter got a job that is now...


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