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Curfew at 7:00?

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One day I was riding my scooter around Jacob Park at around 7:30, when I saw a police car pull up in the front of the park. I panicked, thinking that he was going to yell at me for not wearing a helmet, so I started to run away on my scooter, but I was stopped by a yell.

“STOP!!!!!!!” he yelled and I came to a complete stop, then I turned around and headed back toward the officer.

“Yes, officer? How can I help you?” I stammered and I could feel my legs had turned into jelly, which made so that I could barely stand.

“What are you doing out here?! Its 7:30 and the curfew is at 7:00 sharp!!” he yelled at me and I could smell he had bad breath.

“I never heard of that, since when did that curfew appear?” I said in a puzzled voice,” I never knew that!”

“Well, kid you better get inside before I ticket your parents!” he said and as he said that I scooted back home as fast as his car. When I got home I thought that this was a dumb idea and that it was no fair to jail kids after 7:00 and leave them with nothing to do until bedtime. I was going to write a letter to the mayor, begging him to change the curfew or get rid of it and to free kids from that jail cell. Three reasons why he should change or rid of curfew is that after 7:00 it’s much colder outside, making it the perfect time to exercise without getting sweaty, it is more relaxing after 7:00, and it allows kids have more freedom to roam around.

After 7:00 the temperature drops to about 65 degrees and that is a cool temperature, which allows people to exercise without getting sweaty. There are many advantages to that, such as using less water because you don’t have to shower right after you get back from exercising. If you want to get a simple workout without all the sweat you should do it after 7:00 because it is the simplest way to exercise. Another thing is that when you exercise after 7:00 your all tired and you can sleep as soon as possible and the earlier you sleep...


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  1. that^^^^
    • Mar 22, 2011 - Evaluator: (josepham)
    • 5th to last paragraph, last sentence, wat does that mean, "Also people prefer to work out later in the night then day, because in the day you have more time to exercise and you can still get your exercise for that day."