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Confucius, a wise Chinese man once said, “Get knocked down seven times get up eight.” The truth is that you may not get up every time or sometimes you simply can’t get up at all. However, there will always be another day and when that day comes arise and prove yourself to the world. Show them who you are really are, and never back down.  

Last summer I was invited to try out for the San Diego U-13 lacrosse team. I was so excited it wasn’t even funny. I thought for sure that I’d make the team. I assumed that I’d be some sort of unstoppable force and that I would be better than everyone. I got to the tryouts and noticed that the kids looked really good but I did not let that hinder me at all. We suited up and got into line drills. I was doing just fine in the drills, until the scrimmage came. At that point I realized that no matter how good of a by-the-book kind of guy you were it all just came down to who was the biggest and had the most raw power. That was certainly not me. I was a bit shocked at how bad I was beaten but still; I came out with my head held semi-high saying, Oh, I’ll still make the team. Well, you can imagine how I felt when I got the news that I did not make the team.

At first I tried to keep my cool but then I lost my composure. I just wanted to burst with anger and jealousy. It gave me time to think and I concluded. “Man, I’m no Mikey Powell or Kyle Harrison(major league lacrosse players) I’m only me; I need to go out there and prove myself.” Turns out I was first on the waiting list so if someone opted out I was on the team; and that’s exactly what happened. With my newfound attitude I came into practices and gave it my all. I believe that you should not give up; then when the moment comes you must prove to others that you are worthy of their respect.

American self help advocate, Wayne Dyer said,” Self-worth comes from one thing—thinking that you are worthy.” I hustled like I never had before. I...


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