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Subconscious Choices and Consequences Can Direct to Erratic Doom

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Decision of a being in a critical situation has a significant role in a person’s life. Certain choices can direct a person to be delinquent and thus creates many consequences. At a certain point in a person’s life they go through a situation-willingly or not- where some choices and consequence influences an individuals life. In the stories “Lamb to the slaughter” and “The painted door” by Roald Dahl and Sinclair Ross, the characters choices and consequences lead to downfall within themselves, within society and within their relationship.

John and Ann was a good couple and loved each other. John went to his father’s barn, knowing that it was a deadly blizzard. Ann tried to stop john but he disagreed. John worked hard to please Ann, still no matter how honest he was, no matter how intensely he attempts to satisfy her, she was not pleased. He thinks that “it seemed only right that she should have the best” (pg.48). Ann loved her husband but he was a simple man, always busy with his work. Thus both John’s and Ann’s choices and consequence leads to downfall within themselves as John chose to kill him in cold and Ann lost her honest husband. Mary Maloney and Patrick had good relation with each other. Mary was a typical house-wife who usually waited for her husband to return home. Patrick Maloney is the only important person for Mary. Patrick came home, tired and silent. It was the last day for the dishonest husband because he was murdered by his own wife. Mary was caring and kind house-wife until Patrick told her that he was leaving Mary forever. Mary Maloney was upset and shocked by her husband. There seemed to be no other way for her than to murder her dishonest husband. So, her extreme love turns into hatred. Thus Patrick’s deceitfulness and Mary’s madness head to downfall within themselves.

Furthermore, John and Ann lived in a village and thus their social life was long-winded and tedious. John was always busy with his day-to-day work. John’s time was...


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