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Life Is Like…

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There was once a dog. When he was a puppy he ran and played like all other puppies do. His owner took good care of him and fed him well. He had all the comforts a dog could want. Life was good.

As he grew he started to get bigger and stronger. He still played and ate well and had fun. He watched as the grown dogs would work, but he paid no attention. He hadn’t a care in the world. His life was easy and that’s all that mattered to him.

After a while the dog was full grown. He was the biggest and strongest he had ever been. One day he left his nice, fun, comfortable home never to return. But he didn’t know that. He was with some of the other dogs he had watched working as he grew up. Now was his time to work too.

He was hooked to a harness. He was confused and didn’t know what was going on. When the other dogs ran, he ran. When they stopped, he stopped. He grew tired. He wanted to leave this place. He didn’t like work. He wanted to go back to his nice, fun, comfortable house.

You see, this dog was a sled dog. He was bread to pull sleds. That was his sole purpose in life. That was the reason he existed. It was this fact alone that kept him alive. All the other things in his life, the comfortable house, the eating, the playing, they were all meaningless. He thought that that was the purpose of his life, but he was wrong. After a few weeks of pulling sleds, he realized that that was what he was meant to do. It took him awhile, but he figured out that sledding was all he was living for, all he was needed for, in essence, all he was created for.

After the dog realized this, he started to pull better. He not only pulled better, but he enjoyed pulling also. It became his passion. He strived to pull the best that he could. Oftentimes he had no idea where he was going. It didn’t matter to him because he was doing what he was supposed to. He went many places he thought he would never go, places he didn’t even know existed. He enjoyed...


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