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Ecstasy: Greater Affects on Women?

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Ecstasy:   Are Women More Susceptible To Brain Damage?

The rave scene.   It’s becoming a popular way to ‘kick-back’ for high school and college kids.   “Everyone” is doing it at parties.   Unfortunately, this party isn’t all fun and games.

Drugs are prevalent at raves.   Ecstasy, one of the most popular drugs abused there is like the tiny insects that aren‘t widely feared, but can be deadly.   It looks small and innocent, but its more harmful than you may think.     Ecstasy is actually C11H15NO2, which means.   New studies show women may be at an even greater risk to prolonged effects of the drug ecstasy- 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine.

It is commonly known that ecstasy produces great levels of serotonin.   These chemicals are released in the brain, generating a false sense of happiness, self-esteem, and increase sexual drive.   Prolonged exposure to the drug can result in a lack of serotonin altogether, leading to depression and many other mental illnesses.   Ecstasy is commonly classified as a stimulant.   Ecstasy is most often found in pill form, although it is also sold as a powder.   Imprints on the pill classify them into ‘brand names’.   Frequent users are known to buy from the same ‘brand’ just like most all consumers prefer one brand of milk or orange juice.   The drug is easy to find and can range in prices from $20 - $50 per tablet.   Since demand at the club scene is so high, buyers are sometimes sold imitation ‘X’, a drug that could contain any number of substances.   Any other variant of Ecstasy could also be found with a mixture of drugs.   Ecstasy is called:   MAMA, X, XTC, Adam, The love drug, and many other names still being created.     (www.ecstasy.org)

Dutch studies grouped participants into three categories of users: moderate, heavy, and ex-users.   Moderate use is classified as less than 50 tablets; heavy is more than 50 tablets; and ex-users were reportedly off ecstasy for at least...


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