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Birth of the Universe

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Your universe, as we have suggested many times, as we've suggested already this morning, is but one universe among many. It is relatively a small universe — not to suggest that you should feel badly … {laughter} … for despite the consensus reality that bigger is better, despite the male-dominating energy and the comparative energies that say "bigger is better," your universe, though relatively small, is not at all diminished by its size.

Now we know the word universe by its definition means the totality of known or supposed objects and phenomena throughout space. We know that it is thought of as "all" and that therefore there can only be one. Yet, by experience and by fact, yours is but one among many dimensional and non-dimensional universes. Yours is a universe by a truer definition: It is that which is versus (turning into) uni (one). Universe.

And it is mostly space, as you know. And it is mostly outer space as you call it. Before anything, your universe is space. Space. What about before space?

To understand the Vortex of Sirius and the Sirius Connection, realize that before your universe existed, before it was even conceived, there was nothing. First space had to be created. As with any dimensional creation, first comes space.

We have suggested that the Goddess energy — the original energy that creates itself without space or time — first creates God. No, we do not mean the God of religious text and doctrine Eastern or Western — not that God that so frequently comes to mind when the word is said or thought. We speak of the genuine article, if you will. We speak of the more-real God that to most remains unknown.

The Goddess first creates God. She first gives birth to God, if you will, from her womb. The egg of new form, fertilized by the new spark of Her Light, gives birth to that energy — spaceless energy — that is God.



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    • lovely essay detailed and you have used PEEP Point Explanaton Education Proved