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Why I Became a Christian

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I was raised Catholic, at the insistance of my parents. After many years of

drinking and

partying, I got very bored and thought, Is this ALL there is to life?!?! I

thought, If there really IS any truth to a life after death, I should at least

TRY to find the answer. I started to do some research on science and religion

to see if I could come up with any TRUTH about the meaning of life. In school,

I was taught that mankind was evolving and getting better, but it didnt appear

that way to me. It SEEMED as though modern science had proven that God didnt

exist. As I did more research on my own, I found out that this just isnt the

case. I learned that the Universe and ALL matter have a DEFINITE beginning.

Most atheists and re-incarnationists believe that the Universe has ALWAYS

existed, but this contradicts the fact. Cause and effect tells us that the

Universe must have been caused. It is logical to believe that an invisible,

non-material God had caused the beginning of the Universe. Some think that

aliens and U.F.O.s have something to do with our existence, but even if they

DID exist, THEY would need a beginning as well! The evolutionists believe that

evolution is a FACT, and that the fossil record PROVES it. I learned that

neither evolution NOR creation are FACTS, they are only THEORIES! There is NO

way to PROVE either one because they CANNOT be re-created in a lab experiment.

Whatever THEORY you believe, you MUST believe by FAITH. I learned that when

something dies, it does NOT become a fossil, it rots away VERY quickly.

Fossils are formed by RAPID burial and destruction , NOT over SUPPOSED

billions of years! What the fossil record DOES prove, is that there was a

TERRIBLE global disaster. Scattered across mountain tops all over the world

are fossils of both modern & extinct ocean and land creatures ALL...


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  1. This was a powerful message
    • Dec 08, 2004 - Evaluator: (odavid)
    • This christian needed to this essay very badly. Never think you can not make a differnce in life because you did when you wrote this essay. Thanks so much for the reminder. I needed it badly, and God Bless You.