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Who Will Be the Winner? (Us-Iraq War)

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War is a sport.. Bush and Hussein are the coaches, and their people are their players. It’s a game between two philosophies from two unique backgrounds and definitely, it will determine which team performed better; the team that outwitted, outplayed, and outlasted its opponent.. the sole survivor..  

We know it from any angle that winning is the climax of any war or combat. We can simply say that the United States and Iraq’s main objective in battling is to win this stupid “victory”. What is not good about engaging war is that the consequences of war can be devastating and permanent. War is the most violent, bloody and undemocratic way to solve a crisis. Did they ever think what may happen when they started this pointless battle? Did they ever think that that those satellite-guided weapons can destroy all the radio-signals all over the world? Did they ever think that those bombs from air-strikes can ruin a hospital of dying and hopeless patients if they don’t know where to drop them? Did they ever think that tanks and air power are useful, but not decisive, in urban warfare? These are some of the things that they should have known before they decided that they will engage in this pointless Us-Iraq war.

How good are the American commanders when the civilians are suffering? How good are the Iraqi soldiers when casualty rates are high? These are unpredictable factors in every war; no matter how well-trained your soldiers are, no matter how high morale is at the beginning. We must learn that the most important thing here on earth is human life. Nobody has the right to kill and destroy other people.

War can really be fatal. Some have said that we need to sacrifice lives for a great goal: “liberation”. It’s easy to make those statements when it is not us who are facing those bombs every minute. How is it liberation to launch 1,500 missiles a day against Iraq to leave no safe place in Baghdad? Where’s democracy? Where’s the right of all human...


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