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Sexual Harassment

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1) Unwelcome sexual behavior is a problem.

a. Men and women explain it differently.

b. People don’t know what is legally considered sexual harassment.

2) What is sexual harassment?

a.   Definition.

b.   What is unwelcome by one may not be unwelcome by another.

3) Sexual harassment is not a problem.

a. Exaggerating the seriousness of harassment.

b. The definition of sexual harassment should be limited.

      *it threatens the freedom of speech.

    *makes it hard for women and men to enjoy working together.

c. Women use it as revenge.

d. Its product of hype and hysteria.

4) Sexual harassment is a huge problem.

a. Law should be strengthened.

b. Problem in universities, financial industry & U.S.A. navy.

c. Statistics.

d. Women don’t tell, because they’re afraid.

e. S.H. should be punished.

5)   What causes sexual harassment?

      What can be done to stop it?    

    Sexual harassment (an overview).

Unwelcome sexual behavior has been a serious problem in our society for many years. We need to focus more on this problem, because a lot of men still don’t take it seriously, it happens, because they don’t know the real definition of sexual harassment.

Men and women explain in differently. When 1200 men and women were asked if they would consider sexual proposition flattering 68% of men said they would, and only 17% of the women agreed. At the same time 63% of women would be insulted by it and only 15% of men. The major question today is: What should be considered sexual assault?

Many people believe that the seriousness of it is evident, however there are some that disagree, they disagree of what sexual harassment is.

What is sexual harassment? –Unwelcome sexual behavior, but another may not unwelcome what is unwelcome...


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