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In this piece I create a particular day with a girl and her pet. I intend to cause a deadly scene where the supernatural is involved. I also plan to allow the reader to make the story believable by setting it in the real world. This piece is aimed at all ages.

The sound of glass shattering onto the kitchen tiles was enough concern for Socks to investigate. He pounced immediately out of his personal rug and in a matter of seconds he was at the scene. It appeared that broken pieces of glass were scattered on the floor along with bright red tulips. He then looked up at the distress face of his owner Elisa, who had just arrived home from work. He decided to comfort her and gave her a juicy lick on her soft white face.

‘Oh! Socks. These were supposed to be for my boyfriend. I’m going over to his place tonight,’ she explained with a single teardrop, whilst rubbing her fingers through his golden fur coat. ‘I guest I’ll have to bring you along, you sweaty. Okay?’

He barked ecstatically to highlight a ‘yes.’ Socks was able to understand what Elisa had said as he was a Labrador and had five years of training.

An hour prior to the departure, Elisa had tried on at least fourteen different outfits, which all looked dazzling. She finally chose the violet dress with matching lipstick and high heels that showed her stunning long legs. She added a touch of foundation to her naturally beautiful face and flipped her blonde hair back to create a catwalk style-look.            

‘Socks, here boy,’ Elisa called from the front gate. “Hop into the car, we’re leaving.’ She tied a violet strap around his body to correspond with her look.  

They arrived at the spacious double storey house with an eerie atmosphere due to the leafless trees mainly surrounding the estate. At the entrance a tall, slim man with electric blue eyes greeted them at the front brass door....


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