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An Ethical Balance

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Holiness, sin, and life are repeatedly questioned throughout John Steinbeck\'s The Grapes of Wrath, particularly by the former preacher, Jim Casey. As a preacher, Casey only preaches what the bible states and he resigns from his occupation after he feels the urge to pursue life\'s true meaning and values of the individual - basically to make sense of the world he resides in. Casey closely resembles the character and motives of Jesus Christ, as he is enthused to uncover the answers to his wonders and doubts and begins to hold new beliefs of sacrificing the self to sustain the rights of society.

          All the while, questions concerning the ideas and beliefs of the world circulate through Jim Casey\'s mind and he makes the decision to separate himself from the teachings of society to determine logical resolutions to his convoluted uncertainties. After renouncing his job as a preacher, Casey first decides to ponder his questions by going \"into the wilderness like Jesus\" and seeing if he can attain the \'spirit,\' while analyzing his thoughts (489-90). When others around him rarely observe ideas in depth, Casey transforms all of his thoughts into complex puzzles and seeks the answers little by little. Casey believes that by taking his ideas one piece at a time, he will one day be able to encounter the \"real\" truth. When he first hears of the conflict between the different social classes, Casey \"[throws] back his head and [looks] at the sharp stars\" in deep thought, his mind poring over the controversy (77). Casey\'s hours of analyzing bring his thoughts together and creates for him a larger intellectual depth, which distinguishes his sole purpose from those around him.

          Light is used to exemplify Casey as Jesus Christ, holy and virtuous, and separate from other people. Even during insignificant situations, his character is expressed when \"the light of the coming morning made his forehead seem to shine, and his hands, swinging beside...


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