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The Great Ones

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Why the fuck do people want peace? I think people running about screaming for help and die is brilliant entertainment. It’s great with some action in between all the stockmarket-stuff on the nine o’clock news.

Adolf, Osama, Saddam and the other Great Ones do need to have some fun once in a while, and who am I to stop them? I understand them.

I wish I was Hitler. There are not many who get the chance to test gass chambers. Just killing Jews sounds quite fun.

When I throw a piece of wood into the fireplace I always say “Throw a Jew into the fireplace!”

Too bad I don’t get that great feeling of power that Hitler felt.

Osama bin Laden has a really cool beard. I want a beard like that! Osama is a nice fellow who just happen to enjoy

sending airliners into various buildings. Most dictators and terrorists would’ve used a fighter, F-16 or something like

that, but Bin Laden is a conscientious and kindhearted little terrorist who dissociate himself from military forces. He also believes in Allah. Five times a day he washes his hands and feet and turns toward Mecca to pray. That’s what I call a good Muslim! America is on the other side of Earth. The time difference would probably have screwed up

Osama’s praying system. That’s why he stayed home when the airliners crashed into those buildings.

If there were peace on Earth, everybody would’ve been friends, right….? That sucks! Bigtime! I love to argue!

And what’s better than I good old fashioned fight now and then?

When it comes to my guy Saddam I have to say that it’s really noble of him to have 20-30 doubles. Imagine how proud these before oh-so poor and miserable kebabeating people became when Saddam himself came and offered them to play sadistic dictator for a couple of months. I’m sure they screamed of joy and happiness.



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