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Weapons of the Middle Ages

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Have you ever wondered what kinds of weapons were used in the middle ages?   Or have you wondered how they used to slash and bash through the heavily armored knights while being attacked by flying arrows by the longbowman?   Well here are the answers

There were a wide variety of weapons in the middle ages, one of which was the club.   The club was mainly used to crush bones or fracture them.   It was made of a light wood with a metal tip on the end and usually had spikes on them to inflict more damage.   The club is the first melee weapon ever made and started in the Stone Age to kill deer or wild boar.   As ages went by the club became less effective.   After about 1400 A.D. the club was very rare to find in battle.   What was interesting about the club is that it could easily be changed into a short-handled ax.   All they had to do was either cut or take off the tip of the club and attach a sharp blade.   The reason they sometimes changed the club into a short-handled ax, was because it could be thrown easily and inflict some pain, where the club when thrown, it was hard to throw and it inflicted little pain and damage.  

Another very useful weapon was the spear.   The spear was a skirmisher’s best friend.   A skirmisher was a soldier that carried around a bag full of spears.   To keep from giving too much weight, they made the spear for the skirmishers with very lightweight wood, and a small pointy spearhead.   The skirmisher’s job was to take the spears and throw them at a long range.   The difference between a bow and arrow and a spear was that the spear could easily be turned into a melee weapon.   In fact, when a skirmisher had only one spear left, he took the spear, left the bag, and went melee style and went into the battle.   The first spear was simply a sharpened rock tied onto a long stick, which was in the Stone Age, and wasn’t used for killing people; it was used to kill animals for food, usually.  

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