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Job Selection

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    Most of people choose their jobs according to their own working perceptions, so their expectation for jobs is different. Some would like to stay at the same company, and the others prefer to transfer their jobs frequently. As far as I am concerned, there are both prons and cons for these two points of view.

  Each viewpoint has its advantages. To the former one, the constant job can provide people stability, which will stimulate them work harder. Because of the same job for the same company, employees are quite familiar with their own work, including their specific responsibilities, which can benefit the company to operate steadily. While, to the latter one, people will face more challenges when jump to another job. It can also offer the opportunity of promotion for those whose former job restricts their development.

However, there are also downsides for the two points. When people have worked for a company for a long time, they may easily lose the innovative spirit, because they are too comfortable to change their current working conditions. Those who often change their jobs have to acquire time for them to adapt to new surroundings, which brings obstacles to a company at the rapid development. Meanwhile, concerned with their former company, it is also a big loss when one of their employees leaves.

    Therefore, it is admitted that every coin has two sides. No matter which point of view people select, the suitable one is the best one.


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