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Amusing Ourselves to Death; Mediums, Friend or Foe?

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      Electronic media is inferior to print media due to the fact that electronic media can be bias, selective, and evasive for the purpose of entertainment.   Electronic media serves as a form of entertainment with a main goal of serving their ratings rather than serving the people. It would seem that Postman would agree with this theory since he describes electronic media as a form of entertainment rather than a reliable source of information and facts in his book Amusing Ourselves to Death.

Let’s start by taking a look at the bias side of electronic media.   Take for instance the difference between Fox News and CBS.   Both are news stations, both are intended to bring us the news, yet the way in which each station presents its stories to their viewers could not be more different.   Few would argue the fact that Fox news appeals to the conservative audience while a station such as CBS would tend to be more liberal. This creates bias.   To illustrate my point, let us take a look at how these 2 news stations covered the very same story in completely different ways.

Fox News, with their conservative bias, continuously eluded, during the coverage of the Chandra Levy case, that Gary Condit played some role in Chandra’s disappearance.   In many numerous televised announcements and news articles released since the day that Chandra was declared missing, Fox News repeatedly kept referring to Condit for more information (Fox News\' Kelly O. Beaucar, foxnews.com 5/23/01).   And also Fox had turned to the public to get their interaction with the media in numerous polls such as: Most Believe Condit Hasn’t Come Clean. Condit Constituents Split Their Judgment. Condit\'s Acting Guilty (Dana Blanton, Fox News 7/07/01).

CBS, on the other hand, did not focus on the possibility of Condit’s role in Chandra’s disappearance.   In fact, Dan Rather did not extensively cover the Chandra case until after 63 days since she first went missing.   This is what the report...


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  1. Great Job
    • Dec 31, 2007 - Evaluator: (LittleRomey)
    • Great Job, Described everything you needed in the diverse aspects of the media. I fully grasp the idea of the two channels being biased. I've read Amusing ourselves to death. Great Job.
  2. The textual medium isn't this writer's asset
    • Jun 30, 2005 - Evaluator: (Revue)
    • I've read this book. It is one of my favorite texts. After reading a very small bit of this essay, I like the book slightly less. "Bias" in the past tense is "Biased." Don't submit if you cannot write.