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Miracles by Jesus

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Throughout history many people have given messages. They were trying to make people consider the messages. They would say that they would do something with out actually backing it up, or they would say they are someone with out proof. Jesus had made many messages that said that he was “the messiah”, the son of god. The performance of miracles had strengthened Jesus’ message. Because Jesus had done miracles to back up his message, people actually believed he was the messiah, Son of God. Many people believe Jesus actually performed miracles but some people believe he did not.

In the book by Washington F. Jarvis (p 65) it defines miracle as “an occurrence which we cannot explain in terms of our present knowledge and understanding of how things work in the world around us.” Many people believe that Jesus did perform the miracles but few still believe they were phony. In the book by Washington F. Jarvis (p 65) it states that “many dispute this portrait of Jesus; many deny the possibility of miracles and find the gospel miracle stories embarrassing fairy tales.” There were people who were not too confident that Jesus actually performed the miracles.

Many people also thought that Jesus was a troublemaker, if in fact he was the messiah, the son of god. In the book by Washington F. Jarvis (p 66) it says that “because Jesus broke the law by healing on the Sabbath, and because he attracted many adherents, he came to be regarded by the establishment as a dangerous trouble maker.” Many people thought if he could heal people he should know when to do it or when not to do it. They believed that he could perform miracles but that he was a trouble make or that he was working for the devil or something evil.

Many people did think he could heal people. In the book by Washington F. Jarvis (p 65) it says that “but the gospels portray Jesus as a miracle- worker and credit him with the power to heal sickness and to alter the natural order.” Even though people...


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