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In life, one has many choices to make or   given choices to break. In the story, “Marriage is a Private Affair,” the author allows the reader to see that Nnaemeka didn’t have a choice, but to marry the girl that his dad had arrange for him to marry. On the other hand, the author in the other story of “Love must not be Forgotten.,” it allows the reader to see how the lady was pressure to get married. In these story   it shows how the situation started, their reaction or feelings towards getting married, and their parent’s reaction or experience of marriage.

In every marriage, has its own reason to it. Nnaemeka was forced to marry to a young lady because his dad had arranged a wife for him. Nnaemeka couldn’t get married because he had already marry another girl. In the other story, the lady was pressured to get married by this man that had like her. She didn’t know if she was really ready to get marry.

Nnaemeka’s feeling toward his arrange marriage was unhappy, and hadded more stress to him. Nnaemeka felt this way because he had already had a wife. In the other story, it shows the lady’s feeling towards her marriage . She still wanted to stay singe until she was ready ready. She also questioned herself about what if didn’t t love him and didn’t have feelings to love him.

The Parents of Nnaemeka had not known about his other marriage .His father didn’t care about what he would do or say. All he cared was his son marrying the girl that he had picked for his son to marry. In the other story, the mother had experience of her getting marry to her husband in which she had not even love. Her mother didn’t get the right husband that she wanted. The lady’s mother learned that even if you didn’t love him, when he was gone or he past away, that’s when you will start to show the real feeling inside of you.

As stated in the above you can not always be the one to make the decision. In the story “Marriage is a Private Affair,” and “Love must not be...


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